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Air Jacketed 212 Litre (UV Light Dissinfectan)

Air Jacketed 212 Litre (UV Light Dissinfectan)    Heal Force    HF 212 UV

Heal Force ® HF CO2 Incubators


HF series CO2 Incubators are the ideal CO2 incubators for cell and tissue cultures, it provides everything needed to protect and grow your samples with its advantages:

"Auto-start" function, microprocessor controlling system, independent over-temperature protection with a second sensor, precise CO2 control, heated outer door, UV light for chamber disinfection, etc.

We offer  4 models of CO2 incubators for research labs and clinical centers:

HF 151UV (151 liters volume)

HF 212UV (212 liters volume)

HF 90 (151 liters volume with 90ºCmoist heat disinfection)

HF240 (240 liters volume with 90ºCmoist heat disinfection)

Easy and reliable operation

" Easy and reliable operation for standard applications " is our customer's requirement to standard CO2 incubators. We are  glad to offer two models of standard CO2incubators as HF 151UV and HF 212UV to meet such kind of demand. From feedback we know, HF 151UV and HF 2121UV incubators bring our customers full satisfactions.

CO2 Incubator Microprocessor control

All control functions and date are controlled and monitored by a microprocessor. If a failure happens, the microprocessor will give out warning message and " Error Code " messages.

CO2 Incubator Precise CO2 control

Based on the proven thermal-conductivity testing method, a reliable CO2 measuring sensor is installed to measure and control the concentration of CO2 gas in the chamber, which ensures long-term stability of PH-values, even in the lower CO2 range.

CO2 Incubator Heating system

Unique direct heating and air jacket system maintains the inner chamber at a constant and stable temperature. This allows our incubators to operate under a perfect temperature / humidity environment and to maintain appropriate osmotic pressure in cells. The inner chamber is surrounded by a layer of insulation material, which prevents the incubator''s temperature from dropping too fast during a certain case of power failure. The out door of the unit is also heated and can be switched off separately if necessary. Also, it eliminates condensation on the interior glass door.

CO2 Incubator Reliable temperature control

High grade temperature sensor is made of platinum ( Pt1000 ) , together with the micro-processor controller ensures accurate and reliable temperature measurement and controlling. Thus, HF 151UV and HF 212UV can offer a reliable temperature control within the control range from RT +5°EC to 50°C Even more, an independent temperature sensor for over-temperature protection is installed for independent temperature

sensor for over-temperature protection is installed for double controlling. It will take over the temperature controlling function if the main temperature controller fails.

CO2 Incubator High humidity

The incubators operate at high relative humidity. This protects your samples from drying out and maintains the appropriate osmotic pressure in cells, which is ideal for long-term cultures.

CO2 Incubator "Auto-start" function

Through " Auto-start " function, the incubators will set up an accurate culture environment when the incubators are turned on for operation.

CO2 Incubator UV disinfection and smooth interior design

A long life UV light is installed in the chamber to optimize contamination elimination, smooth and corrosion-resistant stainless steel surface with special designed round inners make cleaning work much more easier.

►CO2 Incubator Rapid recovery time

It ensures the culture conditions within the inner chamber quickly restored, which is very important for short-term cultures, or when the door is frequently opened and closed

►Interior Design

Smooth and corrosion-resistant stainless steel surface with special designed round inner corners makes cleaning work easier.




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